Quick Answer: Does The Herbalife Tea Burn 100 Calories?


Burn more calories with less effort by boosting your metabolism.

This Herbal Tea Concentrate refreshing low-calorie tea contains caffeine, which jump-starts your metabolism and provides a boost to help you feel revitalized.

Does the Herbalife tea burn calories?

Herbalife thermogenesis tea

Each cup burns 80 calories and it also gives you that energising lift you need in the morning, during the day and even before your workout.

Does Herbalife tea burn belly fat?

Herbalife tea will burn about 70 calories as long as you keep up with your exercise. And if you use a balanced diet just imagine the results you will get. Herbalife tea can burn a lot of calories if taken daily, and with a balanced diet.

Can you really lose weight with Herbalife?

The Herbalife diet is designed to help people lose weight by reducing calorie intake with meal replacement shakes and boosting metabolism with supplements. There have not been any studies on the full Herbalife weight loss program, but the meal replacement shakes do appear to help with weight loss.

How many times do you drink Herbalife tea?

Drink at least 250 – 300 ml water after you consume the Tablet. Note: Drinking too much herbal tea can bring side effects such as dizziness, sweating and increased heart rate. Therefore its recommended to stick to the recommended dosage of twice or once a day.