How Much Do Mary Kay Reps Make?

This means that you can earn up to 50% commission on any sales you make.

Even with this generous incentive, to make a decent living, you’d have to sell a lot of makeup to a lot of customers.

If you want to earn an income of $50,000, then you have to find enough customers to buy $100,000 worth of Mary Kay product.

How much do Mary Kay sales reps make?

Mary Kay Inc Salaries in the United States

SalesAverage Salary
Sales Consultant 19 salaries reported$51,393 per year
Senior Sales Director 10 salaries reported$54,547 per year
Sales Director 16 salaries reported$33,977 per year
Independent Consultant 6 salaries reported$31,790 per year

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How do Mary Kay consultants get paid?

As a woman builds a stronger team under her of recruited consultants, she becomes a “sales consultant” or “sales director” and makes an annual average income that ranges from $39,000 to $50,000.

Do you make more money selling Avon or Mary Kay?

Unlike Avon, Mary Kay offers a whopping 50% commission on all sales, no matter how much you sell. However, in general, Mary Kay offers the biggest earning potential, and in anything, there is always some sort of investment of either money or time before you can expect a return.

Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?

Yes, Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme, just in case you missed the previous 100 times I mentioned it. The products are not marketable for consultants.