How Much Does A Beachbody Coach Make On A Challenge Pack?

The bonus is equal to the commission Coaches earn when they sell a Challenge Pack to a customer.

The PS Coach must purchase the Challenge Pack within 31 days of signing up.

Example: A Sponsor earns $50 in regular commissions when they enroll a CUSTOMER with a $160 Challenge Pack.

What do you get with a Beachbody Challenge Pack?

What’s a Beachbody Challenge Pack? A Beachbody Challenge Pack gives you a roadmap to results. It combines a workout, a supplement (or two) and support into one bundle. Along with the convenience, you’ll save about 25% off each challenge pack plus get discounted shipping.

Do Beachbody coaches get a discount on challenge packs?

Each Team Beachbody coach gets 25% off! It can be a workout program, Shakeology, the performance line, Beachbars or really anything, and you can 25% off. The only things not included is clothing, Beachbody on Demand and challenge/completion packs. The packs are already discounted 25% for everyone.

How much commission does a Beachbody coach make?

Generally speaking, a Coach earns a 25% commission on any retail sale that they make. For example, if a Beachbody Coach sells a P90x, which retails for $120, the Coach will earn a 25% commission which would work out to be $30.

Can you really make money being a Beachbody coach?

If you were to get involved in Beachbody, you would join as a coach. The amount you would earn varies depending on what you sell. Challenge Packs can earn you up to 35%, while regular products only get to 25%. Memberships to Beachbody on Demand earn the most, at 40%.