Question: Is Primerica A Mutual Fund Company?

What Does Primerica Do?

They’ll deny it, but basically, it’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) company for finance.

Primerica employs, according to their prospectus, over 100,000 representatives who go out and sell financial products like term life insurance, mutual funds, life insurance, and annuities.

Is Primerica a pyramid scheme?

The simple answer is NO, Primerica is NOT a pyramid scheme.

In fact, it’s even possible for you to make up to 95% commission from selling Primerica’s financial products.

Is Primerica a real company?

(Primerica) is a Main Street Company for Main Street North America. Our mission is to help families earn income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. We are a leading distributor of financial products to middle-income households in the United States and Canada.

What kind of company is Primerica?

Primerica, Inc. is a United States-based multi-level marketing company that sells insurance and financial services.

How much does Primerica cost?

Average Primerica Startup Cost

To become a Primerica agent, there is a one-time fee of $99 and an optional monthly fee of $25.

Can I make money with Primerica?

You can make money with Primerica by selling a combination of term life insurance, mutual funds, and debt management products. Don’t worry if you’re not a sales person because Primerica has ‘a time-tested method of building a business and earning a potentially unlimited income’.

Is Primerica insurance any good?

Best) Although relatively young, Primerica is one of the nation’s largest insurance and financial services companies. The insurer receives high marks for financial stability and relatively few official complaints, but its multilevel marketing structure makes for a less-than-ideal buying experience.

Is Primerica a ripoff?

Primerica is not a scam, it is a legitimate company with many successful agents on a mission to help people.

Can Primerica be trusted?

Primerica is a “Finance supermarket” they dont sell insurance or do the finances themselves they find the best company for each client and with a contract make sure the client gets what they pay for. So legally is not an scam, or anything illegal.

Why Primerica is not a pyramid scheme?

The quick answer is no, Primerica is not a pyramid scheme because it has lots of products and services you can sell to the general public. As well, Primerica’s compensation plan is focused on your product sales rather than your overrides from your downline.

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How much do Primerica reps make?

According to Primerica, these 100,000 reps make on average, $5,156 a year.