Is Proactive Good For Your Skin?

Many acne sufferers actually have dry skin, which responds to ProActiv’s drying agents by becoming even more dry.

Bleaching the skin irritates the skin and makes skin more sensitive to the sun.

Benzoyl Peroxide can be effective for prevention of acne if the skin is slowly introduced in increasing doses.

What type of skin is proactive good for?

Advanced Daily Oil Control: Formulated for acne-prone skin, our Advanced Daily Oil Control helps reduce surface shine and clears breakouts. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly and helps the skin stay soft, smooth and hydrated without looking or feeling greasy.

What are the side effects of proactive?

Side Effects of Proactiv

Clinical trials have shown at least 50% of people have some type of adverse reaction. These are mainly dryness, skin infections and infestations and nasopharyngitis (swelling of the nasal passage and back of the throat).

Can Proactive make acne worse?

Stress alone won’t cause acne, but it can trigger acne or make breakouts worse. You might be tempted to deal with your acne and oily skin by washing your face several times a day or scrubbing at your breakouts, but that can actually irritate and dry out your skin, which will only make your skin produce more oil.

Does Proactiv make you break out?

The acne cycle doesn’t occur overnight. In fact, it’s a slow process that occurs over the course of several weeks, well beneath the surface and well before the breakout appears on your face or body. Proactiv goes to work early in the cycle to help prevent clogged pores and keep you from breaking out.