Question: Is QNET Legal In Nepal?

What countries is QNET banned in?

From time to time, QNet got banned in many counties, such as:

  • Afghanistan (2008)
  • Australia.
  • Rwanda (2009)
  • Iran (2005)
  • Sri Lanka (2004)
  • USA & Canada (2008)
  • Syria (2009)
  • India (2010, as Gold Quest)

Why is QNET banned in countries?

A former member of QNet who launched his own multi-level marketing firm after he lost 13 lakhs rupees in QNet scheme was arrested by Cyberabad police for running a money circulation scheme. Almost 87 percent people lose their money, which is why it is prohibited in many countries.

In my view, Nepal is greatly openness for internet marketing and it is absolutely legal. If their products are loyal and branded they can freely do network marketing.

In the case of QNet, we neither fall under the category of making quick and easy money, nor is there any event which is contingent in nature. The Act bans all illegal money circulation schemes. It does not regulate the direct selling or MLM industry.