Question: Is Shakeology Bad?

It’s Healthier Than Other Nutritional Beverage Products

Many products are loaded with added sugar, artificial colors, unhealthy oils and preservatives.

Although Shakeology does contain added sugar, it’s a lower amount than some other shake products.

Is shakeology FDA approved?

People are constantly wondering, “is Shakeology is FDA approved“. This is not because it is unhealthy, but because it is considered a dietary supplement, and the FDA does not deal with dietary supplements. The truth is that Shakeology is an incredibly safe, healthy, and effective product.

Can you use shakeology after it expires?

Shakeology is meant to expire after 1 year, though the best way to find out is to look for the expiry date on the back and on the right top side of the pack. You are supposed to use your shakeology supply for or within 30 days so there is no need to worry.

What shake is comparable to shakeology?

5 Shakes Comparable to Shakeology

  • Shakes Comparable to Shakeology.
  • Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal.
  • Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Shake.
  • EAS Myoplex Lite Protein Shake.
  • Orgain Organic Meal Powder.
  • ViSalus Vi-Shape.

Does shakeology give you diarrhea?

It turns out I’m not the only person to experience digestion issues while drinking it. In fact, the FAQ section on the Shakeology page now addresses digestive problems (gas, bloat, constipation, & diarrhea). Beachbody suggests reducing the daily serving to 1/2 scoop, and to work up to a full serving.