Question: Is Usana Synthetic Or Natural?

Are supplements synthetic?

Vitamins and minerals in supplements are synthetic forms of the nutrients.

The word “synthetic” doesn’t necessarily mean inferior, however.

Even those supplements that claim to have “natural” ingredients contain some synthetic ingredients.

Where are Usana products made?

Usana products, most of which are manufactured at the company’s West Valley City facility, are sold in 24 countries via a network of independent distributors (referred to as “associates”).

How can you tell if a vitamin is natural or synthetic?

When looking at a label you will see that vitamin ingredients are identified as either “d-“ or “dl-“. If the ingredient is labeled with the prefix “dl-“, it means the ingredient is synthetic, whereas the prefix “d-“ indicates the natural form.

Is Usana approved by FDA?

USANA Health Sciences Is Now an FDA-Registered Facility. USANA manufactures over 90% of its products in-house, including all of its tableted nutritional supplements. As an FDA-registered facility, USANA now has the ability to manufacture OTC drugs as well.