Quick Answer: Should I Sell Norwex?

Is it worth selling Norwex?

Norwex gives you 90 days to sell $2,000 worth of products.

Now before you freak out about TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, the average party is $600.

So that’s about 3 or 4 average parties over 3 months.

How much do you have to sell to stay active with Norwex?

NORWEX: There is no monthly sales quota. To remain an active consultant, you need to sell $250 in products quarterly (after earning the starter kit).

How much does it cost to start selling Norwex?

*Aside from the $9.99 S&H, there is no initial cost for the Norwex USA start-up kit, with the agreement that the new consultant will sell $2000 worth of product within the first 3 months. It typically takes 3-4 parties to sell $2000, which is about $670 per month.

How does Norwex pay you?

You earn income with Norwex in several ways: You are paid at the point of sale. When you hold a Norwex party with a Host, you receive 35% commission at the time of the sale and your Host will receive benefits for hosting the presentation.

Is Norwex a pyramid scheme?

Norwex Business Opportunity Overview

Norwex is a direct sales business that sells “green” cleaning products. These products are not sold in stores and all of the marketing is done by independent sales consultants. This place also has a mlm, multi-level marketing, structure… which is the pyramid scheme side of it all.

How much does Norwex consultant make?

Average Norwex Independent Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $30,000, which is 55% below the national average.

How long does a Norwex party last?

Fill in the “when” box. This should be the date you want the party to end. I usually have my parties last 1-2 weeks. 6. Make the event public so all invitees and their friends can see the posts and attend if they want!

How long does Norwex last?

PLUS, your Norwex microfiber has a 2-Year Warranty. So, they’re guaranteed to work and last for two years after you receive them. Sweeeeeet! Many customers experience their microfiber lasting longer than 2 years though!

How much is a Norwex starter kit?

To get a Starter Kit, which include everything you need to launch a business, new consultants pay only for shipping. Sell $2,000 in Norwex products in the first three months, and the Starter Kit is free.

What is included in the Norwex starter kit?

  • Body Pack. Cleaning Paste.
  • 74 ml / 2.5 oz.
  • Veggie and Fruit. Scrub Cloth. Bathroom Scrub Mitt.
  • • New Consultant Guide: 5 Easy Steps to Get.
  • 15518 – 0317.
  • Dusting Mitt. Superior Mop.
  • Envelope 3 — Get to Know More About Norwex Envelope 1 — Open Me First!

What company owns Norwex?

What is Norwex? Norwex is an MLM-based company that sells personal care and home cleaning products. The company was founded by Bjørn Nicolaisen in 1994.

Can Norwex cleaning paste be used on granite?

Norwex for Granite. Cleaning granite with Norwex is actually really easy. You simply need a damp EnviroCloth or Kitchen cloth to wipe it down, and a Window Cloth or Kitchen Towel to polish it dry.

Does Norwex kill germs?

(Do Norwex cloths kill germs?) The Norwex Envirocloth contains silver and the company says that it possesses “self-purification” properties. Some consultants take that to mean that the cloths kill germs, but the Norwex company doesn’t technically say that the cloths kill germs.

What makes Norwex special?

Here’s what makes Norwex so special: 1) Removal of bacteria: When used and cared for properly, an EnviroCloth can remove up to 99% of bacteria with just water! Norwex cloths remove four times as much dirt as other synthetic yarns or cotton blend cloths, because they have so many cleaning surfaces per fiber.

How much is shipping for Norwex?

Up to $49.99$6.95
$50 – $124.99$7.95
$125 – $199.99$9.95
$200 – $299.99$14.75

4 more rows