Quick Answer: What Is A Pyramid With 8 Sides Called?

The Eight Faces Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza.

Despite what you may think about this ancient structure, the Great Pyramid is an eight-sided figure, not a four-sided figure.

Each of the pyramid’s four side are evenly split from base to tip by very subtle concave indentations.

What is an 8 sided pyramid called?

Lesson Summary. An octagonal pyramid is a pyramid with a base that’s a polygon with eight sides, or an octagon, and triangular faces, or sides, that meet at a point directly above the bottom. The points at which the edges of the base and sides meet are called the vertices of the pyramid.

Do the pyramids have 8 sides?

A fact not so well known, is the unusual feature of the Great Pyramid is a concavity of the core that makes the monument an eight-sided figure, rather than four-sided like every other Egyptian pyramid. That is to say, that its four sides are hollowed in or indented along their central lines, from base to peak.

How many sides has a pyramid?


What is a pyramid with 3 sides called?

A “three sided pyramid” is called a tetrahedron. It has four faces (3 sided pyramid + base)