Question: What Is Difference Between IDSA And Fdsa?

FDSA stands for Federation of Direct Selling Association and IDSA stands for Indian Direct Selling Association.

Founder companies of IDSA are Amway[1] , Oriflame[2] and Avon, while FDSA formed by RCM[3] , ARL Retail, Sarso Biznet and Tranz India Limited.

Both are private committee and have own rules and ragulation.

Is IDSA a government body?

The Indian Direct Selling Association IDSA is an autonomous, self-regulatory body for the direct selling industry in India. The Association acts as an interface between the industry and policy-making bodies of the Government facilitating the cause of Direct Selling Industry in India.

What is Fdsa certificate?

A few likeminded people founded FDSA, which is the sole representative of Indian Direct Selling companies now, and took the reformation of the industry as personal responsibility. A few genuine direct selling companies rendered their resources for the struggle of industry. FDSA is thankful to them.

What is Fdsa?

FDSA-Federation of Direct Selling Association – With an object to look into the activities of all direct selling/direct marketing /Network Marketing companies in India and to guide them in establishing legalized and ethical business practices (the study of policies and practices of business regarding potentially

Who is the chairman of IDSA?

Amarnath Sengupta