Quick Answer: What Is MLM Binary Plan?

A binary plan is a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows distributors.

to have only two front-line distributors.

If a distributor sponsors more than two distributors, the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring distributor’s front-line.

How does binary MLM plan work?

A Binary Plan employs a Two Legged (Left leg, Right Leg) structure in Multi Level Marketing where each new distributor or members is placed in either left or right subtree. One subtree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg while the second subtree is a Profit Leg or a weak leg.

What is binary amount in MLM?

Binary MLM Plan means Pairing of 2 Person, Binary will have 2 Legs. Left and Right and people joining above the 2 people will join spillover they can join on the Power Leg or Strong Leg and Weak Leg. Binary is paid with the idea to build equal volume on each leg so they usually pay on the idea of 1:3 – 2:3 or 1:1.

MLM is legal in India. MLM as Direct Selling or Network Marketing is legal. Money circulation MLM wherein there is no real product involved is illegal.

How many types of MLM plans are there?

The three most common compensation plan types in the MLM industry are unilevel, binary, and breakaway.