Quick Answer: What Is Sparky A Nickname For?

Sparky is a common nickname for people and animals.

In the British Commonwealth, it can also be used to refer to an electrician.

What does the nickname Sparky mean?

A nickname for someone who is lively and animated. sparky(Noun) electrician. sparky(Adjective) lively and animated.

What is the nickname for an electrician?

an electrician is called a sparks and a joiner is often called a chippy (but some carpenters find that offensive, I’m told). The list goes on and on, but what nickname does a plumber have?

What is a sparky personality?

lively, interesting, and attractive. a sparky personality. Energetic and lively:energetic, lively, active Words used to describe an attractive person:attractive, charming, elegant

What is a sparky in England?

Noun. sparky (plural sparkies) (US, Navy) A radio operator. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) An electrician; an electrical engineer.