Question: What Is The Meaning Of QNET?

**IR **- stands for Independent representative.

A person who has registered with QNET and doing business for own earnings.

Earning is always in form of commission on products sales and DR bonus.

Why is QNET banned in countries?

QNet was first started in 1998 with the name GoldQuest and made numismatic coins, but later changed the name to QNet, when they faced accusation of being a pyramid and a money circulation scheme in India and also at other countries. From time to time, QNet got banned in many counties, such as: Afghanistan (2008)

Is QNET a pyramid scheme?

Qnet advocated for the regulation of Indian multilevel marketing companies and for banning pyramid schemes. The Qnet office in Bangalore was shuttered. The bank account belonging to a PR firm dealing with Qnet was frozen.

Is it good to join QNET?

Multi-level marketing opportunities are a good source of income once you have laid the grounds of a solid foundation.More than monetary benefits, QNET also provides their members with continuing training and support. QNET business can be the real deal and should you join QNET or not depends only from you.

Is QNET is banned in India?

QNET is not banned in India. It actually operates through Vihaan Direct Selling India for the last seven years in India. You may be hearing such news of QNet being banned in India through select social media channels, which obviously have no stand to back up such statements.