What’s A Beachbody Coach?

A.) A Beachbody Coach is an independent distributor for Beachbody.

They don’t just sell Beachbody products, but also help their customers reach their fitness goals with support, accountability, and motivation.

What a Beachbody coach does?

What Does A Beachbody Coach Do? A. Beachbody Coaches share with others products they are using themselves that they truly believe in and know get results. They also provide support, accountability, and motivation to their customers and help them get the best results possible.

Do you get paid to be a Beachbody coach?

Here’s a simple breakdown of what a Beachbody Coach can earn from their retail commissions. Typically, Coaches will earn 25% on all of their sales. So if a Coach makes a Shakeology sale, they will make a $30 commission on that sale.

How much does it cost to join Beachbody as a coach?

Pay a flat fee of $39.95 for Team Beachbody Coach enrollment fee. This is the standard option of joining. It’s how I got started, because this was the only option, but now there is now a better way.

Is beachbody a scheme?

Beachbody Discusses Pyramid Schemes and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Fundamentally, that’s still how we sell today – directly to our customers, and to our independent Team Beachbody Coaches. And we’re not alone. Today, thousands of companies just like ours, and millions more individuals, use the direct sales model.