Question: What’s A Mary Kay Party?

What is a Mary Kay party?

You select the time, place and type of party you and your friends want most, and your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant will help do the rest.

Invite the girls over for a party so they can try before they buy, shop The Look catalog (also an eCatalog).

What is a Mary Kay facial?

You know: those people who are trained and licensed to take care of skin. The “facial” that a Mary Kay consultant wants to “give” you is simply a face washing session designed to sell you the products. Period. Why this company and its reps are allowed to call their little selling appointments facials is beyond me.

How do you make a Mary Kay Facebook party?



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How do I find a Mary Kay consultant?

Call Mary Kay customer service at 800-627-9529. Ask the customer service representative for your Mary Kay consultant number. The customer service representative will ask you specific questions to verify your identity including name, address and Social Security Number.