Quick Answer: Who Did Pink Cadillac?

Bruce Springsteen

Who covered Pink Cadillac?


TitlePerformerRelease date
Pink CadillacBruce Springsteen1984
Pink CadillacRobert Lee Kolb and Local Heroes1985
Pink CadillacSouthern Pacific1986
Pink CadillacNatalie Cole1987

29 more rows

Did Aretha own pink Cadillac?

Hundreds of pink Cadillacs pay respect at Aretha Franklin funeral. Even the King himself — Elvis Presley, who famously drove a pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood — would have been proud at the turnout of for the Queen.

When did Aretha Franklin record Pink Cadillac?


Why did Aretha Franklin have pink Cadillac?

There are 120 pink Cadillacs lining the street at Aretha Franklin’s August 16 funeral. They are an homage inspired by the singer’s song “Freeway of Love.” The music video for “Freeway of Love” features Franklin driving in the passenger seat of a pink Cadillac.