Quick Answer: Who Plays At The Amway Center?

Who paid for the Amway Center?

Amway Center

Construction cost$480 million ($559 million in 2018 dollars)
ArchitectPopulous (formerly HOK Sport) Chand Tarneja Windows C.T.

Hsu + Associates Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.

Project managerTurner Construction
Structural engineerWalter P.


17 more rows

How much does it cost to rent the Amway Center?

That will still be the practice at the new building, but the minimum base rent will increase from $5,000 to $25,000. Promoters typically pay a negotiated maximum amount for many concerts. That’s now about $50,000 and would increase to about $65,000 at the Amway Center, a 30 percent increase.

What is loge seating at Amway Center?

The Loge Boxes are located on the second tier of seating and are some of the most premium seats available for a concert. With fewer seats in each row, personal ledges in front of each seat, and a smaller more intimate environment, these seats are best suited for fan looking for a more relaxed place to take in a show.

Can you buy tickets at the Amway Center?

The Amway Center box office is located on Church Street. The Amway Center box office does not take ticket orders over the phone. For support on previously placed orders, please contact Ticketmaster Customer Service at 800.653.8000.