Question: Why Isn’t Shakeology FDA Approved?

Since Shakeology is a dietary supplement, it can NOT be approved by the FDA, no matter what, because they don’t do that.

“Approved” is not even the correct word to use because there is no approval or evaluation process on Shakeology by the FDA to begin with.

Is shakeology approved by the FDA?

People are constantly wondering, “is Shakeology is FDA approved“. This is not because it is unhealthy, but because it is considered a dietary supplement, and the FDA does not deal with dietary supplements. The truth is that Shakeology is an incredibly safe, healthy, and effective product.

Are Beachbody products FDA approved?

Are Beachbody vitamins and supplements FDA approved? Dietary supplements do not require FDA approval, and the FDA only regulates supplements that make health or disease claims (that would make them regulated as drugs). Basically, our supplements are not FDA approved because no dietary supplements are.

Why is shakeology bad for you?

One of the main issues with Shakeology, along with the multitude of other nutritional shakes available to consumers, is that it’s a supplement, not real food. While it contains a good amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, you can get the same benefits from consuming a homemade protein shake or a meal.

Does shakeology have lead in it?

Shakeology is a whole foods formula.

Due to the fact that small amounts of lead are naturally occurring in our produce, there may be small amounts of lead in whole foods formulas such as shakeology and the other plant based shakes such as Vega. Beachbody never puts heavy metals into the formula.